Epic SCP


15-Spring, SH 560
Observer 23
Site 2

The order to awaken objects 3, 4, and 5 was givin by the over-watch committee. The stored items of the objects were brought out and cleaned. After the objects were cleaned and fed, they were sent to meet with Commander Harris. Objects were made aware of where they were and current situation of what appeared to be a large mass of land, filled with corpses, walking towards the city. As well as the length of their stasis. (approx. 560 years) Object 05 requested a brief audience at the temple of his faith. He was advised before going that in the time he was put in stasis, he was seen to be the pinnacle of his faith and was now revered as a saint of Pelor. Object 04 requested a short tour of the surrounding city while 05 was at the temple. Awe in how the food and drink had changed was noted by staff chaperoning 04. Object 03 requested to visit his home grove. 03 and 03-1 were transported via 03’s own powers. In less than an hours time objects 03, 04 and 05 returned and set off on a path to intercept the anomaly. Scouts reported the anomaly being engaged by the objects as well as creatures summoned by Object 3. After a moment the anomaly appeared to collapse into a mass of undead. The Objects cleared the undead and retrieved the Object that caused the anomaly. Object 34 was put into custody for evaluation. The Illumian library was consulted with information Object 3 had recalled. The name “Orcus’ Coffin Nail” is currently being researched.



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