Epic SCP

Snake Migration Habits

Observer 251
Site 2

After Purchasing housing off site, the Objects 03,04, 05 and 100, Now refered to as Task force 12 (The Sleepers), became aware of event 104. A citezen alerted Object 04 to the river running thought the city being filled wih snakes, (Now refered to as event 78). Several species were recorded, including extraplanar varieties. 2 unknown species were found and are being investigated. Object 04 reported the event to members of the foundation and the rest of task force 12 was brought in. Object 02 advised this was not a natural event and proceded to investigate. Following the trail of snakes lead to a large cave complex with a variation of dragonkin called a Ssakvold as well as a primal ancestor of dragon kind know as a grey linnorm. The Ssakvold was angered by what is now called Object 101 invading his lair. Reason for this invasion is currently unknow as Object 101 is not very forthcoming and several observers have beeen un able to discern not get conused at his double speak. Once the Ssakvold and Linnorm were dispatched by Task Force 12, the snakes began returning to their normal habitats.The horde the creture had been trying to protect was divided up by the task force and Object 101. Object 3 upon return completed research on the two Githyanki now being referred to has Objects 103-1 and 103-2. He determined they are the original invaders of the illumian library and possibly the children of the githyanky leader know as The Lich Queen.



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