Epic SCP


Observer 251
Site 2

An alarm was sounded by Observer 34 due to activity of Objects 15-1 through 15-4. Objects 3, 4, and 5 were called as well as the public figurehead of the Illumian society. A warning was givin, “The old enemy will come with a red threat. The treasue is endangered again.” The illumian leader stated he was sure it referred to the githyanki that had threatened their society before. He was unsure of the reference to a red threat. After research by Object 3, it was determined the threat maybe a red dagon that the githyanki have been known to have a pact with. After locating a cave sysem of suspect, Object 3, 4, and 5 tried to speak with a dragon in the system, but was unsucessful in getting information. Shortly after leaving, and astral disturbance was recorded in he same caverns. In an account recorded by Object 100, who was pulled in by the astral distubance, it appeared two Githyanki came to negotiate with the red Dragon. The githyanki and dragon appeared to leave, but were stopped by Object 3, 4, 5 and 100. Object 3 killed the dragon and the Githyanki escaped, they claimed treasure and returned to explain the nature of the two Githyanki. Further research is being conducted into them.



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