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Dates are in the format of day number, Season, year in either WH (Walking Heroes)and SH.


Object 01, The Destroyer, Housed at Site 1. Responding to measures to keep it from awakening.

Object 02, Manais of *********, Missing after event 24.

Object 03, Caulec, Recorded as a druid with Object 03-1 (Extremely large Bat), commonly refered to by 03 as Athelrik.

Object 04, Shikel of the Battlemug Clan. Recorded as an outcast of his clan due to extreme temper and apparent wanderlust.

Object 05, Conner Sunstider, Cleric of the God Pelor. Now considered a saint in his religion.

Object 34, Orcus’ Coffin Nail, Large metal object of an alloy consisting of cold iron and adamandine. Seems to convert Land mass into an undead filled landmass. Now housed ib extra dimensional space lined with cold iron and alchemical silver.

Object 100, Black Fist, Monk of the red order, extraplanar. Was pulled to this plane during a disturbance caused by githyanki planar traval.

Object 101, Karl Zanzibar, Rogue, Found during investigation of event 78.

Object 103-1 and 103-2, The Twins, High ranking memebers of Githyanki warriors, possibly Children of the Lich Queen.


Event 24, Planar Shift that cause seeral objects including Object 2 go missing or become active.

Event 78, Large Migration of Snakes caused by object 101’s invasion of a Ssakvold’s lair.


Site 1, Deep under the eastern coast, cave containing Object 01. Established 10-Summer-200(WH)

Site 2, City of Three Blessings, Home of the commanding force of the Foundation.

Main Page

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